Friday, August 14, 2009

Queensland (Part 1)

I am currently on a short trip to the Gold coast in Queensland on a conference for work. Yesterday the weather was very windy and I didn't get out, but this morning was beautiful. I headed down to the beach to watch the sunrise. I thought I would pretty much have the beach to myself, but no, there were joggers, walkers and fishermen all there before me!! This is the view from Broadbeach, looking North towards surfers Paradise. I also looked to see what birds where about. Nothing special, Rainbow Lorikeets, Noisy Miners, Australian Ibis and a poor one-footed Silver Gull. Finally I took a quick look in the hotel garden (which is actually on the roof of the adjacent shopping mall.)

This is a bird of paradise flower


  1. Beautiful sunrise Tony. If they're like that most days, I'm not surprised you had company! Are you carrying on further north after the business is done?

  2. Hi Jen. Yes, Off to Inskip point......look out for the next post!!