Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning - Dreaming of South Africa

This weekend was filled with "domestic duties", so I didn't manage any time for birding. So it was particularly tough getting up for work this morning - the forecast is sunny and 21C (70F) which is not bad for mid winter!! With all the rain we've had, the air is particularly clear at the moment and perfect for photography. As I was waiting for the bus there was a lovely sunrise happening, and an early shower gave me this view from my desk when I got to the office. (sorry about the reflections in the window).

On the bus, I had been daydreaming, and was thinking about a previous job, where commuting to the office wasn't a metropolitan bus ride, but a flight to Budapest one week, maybe to Singapore or Stockholm another, and for almost a year was a monthly trip to South Africa.

While I was in South Africa, I made sure I made the most of it!! Hiring a car, or sometimes a local guide at weekends. One such weekend, I found myself in Durban on the Indian Ocean, and I hired a car and took a trip up the coast for a weekend in St Lucia. Near here is a fantastic game reserve, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi (pronounced Shloo-shloowee).

I stayed here overnight as guests had the advantage of being allowed out into the park from dawn (about 05:15) whereas day visitors could only enter at 06:30. what really amazed me was that although the camp was almost full, no-one was stirring, and I had the park to myself until about 07:00!!

These are some of the photos I took that morning:





Common Fiscal

Open-billed stork

Impala with Red-billed Oxpecker


This one was taken later in the day. I had been seeing signs of Rhino all day, but had still to see them. On the way back to the gate I passed a little track that I did not remember driving, so turned round and took a slow drive. As I turned a bend in the track..........
A fantastic end to the weekend, and to this post.


  1. My God what a fantastic sellection of outsanding Images.
    Fab stuff,Tony.

  2. Hi Tony. Lovely pink cotton ball sky! And what a morning you had in Africa! Some fabulous photos. Those Rhinos look scary!!!

  3. Thanks Guys. Not too scary.....I was ready to "high-tail outa there" if I needed too. I didn't let them get any closer than 25m (80ft)