Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Inman Valley

We spent the long weekend relaxing in an isolated cottage overlooking the Inman Valley on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

We had a few birdy visitors to the garden, including a very inquisitive Little Wattlebird which spent most of it's time in the Banksia(?) next to our veranda.

There were many Superb Fairywrens, but unfortunately the males are in eclipse plumage with only the blue tail giving a hint at what's to come.

Each afternoon, the lawn played host to a flock of 6 Red-browed Finches

On Sunday we went to Carrickalinga, hoping to find a Hooded Plover or two, but no joy.  We did watch this Black-shouldered Kite looking for lunch, and a Masked Lapwing on the roadside verge.

We had been seeing lots of Adelaide Rosellas, and on the last morning one came to the feeder.  A cracking male of the fleurieuensis sub-species.

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