Monday, April 2, 2018

Oaklands Wetland again

As my local wetlands is completely dry now, I decided to head to Oaklands Wetland this morning, before it got too crowded.

All of the usual suspects were there, including Purple Swamphen, Grey Teal, Royal Spoonbill and Noisy Miner.

On one of the bridges was this Little Pied Cormorant who allowed me to slowly creep within a few metres.

The long staying pair of Pink-eared Ducks were still there, and although they are still quite timid, they allowed a reasonable approach with a bit of patience. They are quite stunning little ducks up close.

A favourite of mine is the white-faced Heron, and this one was quite happy to approach to about 3 metres as long as I kept still.

There are quite a few nest boxes here, and this one was full to overflowing!

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