Friday, September 15, 2017

Local Birding

Earlier this week, I took my camera with me on Kobe's walk in the wetlands,.  I photographed three different heron species, Pacific (also called White-necked) Heron, Great Egret and White-faced Heron.

Yesterday I had a couple of hours birding the backroads between St Kilda and Port Gawler.  It was very windy, so most of the birds kept well hidden.   Mr and Mrs House Sparrow were busy, so hardly noticed me when I stopped the car.

This Singing Honeyeater was perched strategically in the lee of a bush.

The Silver Gulls were enjoying a puddle in the car park.

There were a few waders, but no summer migrants yet.  Sooty Oystercatcher, Masked Lapwing and a young White-headed Stilt were all I managed to photograph before the heavens opened and I headed for home.

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