Thursday, April 17, 2014

AFL - Port Power vs Brisbane Lions

I have been a bit lax with posting to my blog recently.  Hopefully things will improve!!

Last weekend we went to watch my AFL team, Port Power take on Brisbane Lions at the newly redeveloped Adelaide Oval. As most of my followers are not from Australia, I will try and explain some of the intricacies of Australian Rules Football as we go along.

Brisbane Lions won the toss and elected to kick right to left in the first quarter.

To begin the game, the umpire bounces the ball, and two players jump to pass the ball to a team mate. Also, during the game the ball is tossed up to restart play.

Players can pass the ball by a "handball", they can carry the ball up to 15 metres, and they can kick the ball to a team mate.

There are 4 posts at each end of the oval, and you score a goal (worth 6 points) if you kick the ball between the middle posts and a behind (worth 1 point) if it goes between the outer posts

During the fourth quarter, Port passed the hundred point lead to eventually win by 113 points, which really got the crowd going!

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