Wednesday, October 31, 2012

St Kilda Saltfields

As summer approaches, it is time to start going to the local saltfields again.  This year, with less water across central Australia, I am hopeful of some good birding this summer.

There were small groups of waders everywhere, with both migrant and sedentary birds well shot shows (from the left) Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Common Greenshank, and Banded Stilt.

This one is a group of Red-necked Stints and Red-capped Plovers.

White-headed Stilt was common.

As was Sharp-tailed Sandpiper.

This Brown Thornbill was becoming increasingly alarmed by a Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo.

The Banded Stilt's were all swimming in deeper water.

Plenty of Whiskered Terns had returned, and were loafing in the shallows with some Red-necked Avocets.  The ever present White Ibis was always in sight, as were the Welcome Swallows.


  1. Nice work Tony! Might have to get out and see a few waders myself soon! Haven't been out this season!!
    Cheers Chris

  2. Stunning Birds Tony,great images.
    Will do a trip in four yaers time.