Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birding around Adelaide

Some good friends of mine have been staying for a few days, so I've been showing them some of the birding spots around Adelaide. We took another trip down to Goolwa, where we birded along the barrage road, on the beach and from the bird hide. Most of the birds were the same as on my last visit, but we did see Red-Avocet and Pink-eared Duck which were both new birds for my friends. Lunch, as usual in Goolwa, was fish and chips by the river. This time we watched the Milang to Goolwa boat race, and were kept company by a flock of Little Corellas. There were Plenty of birds on the river, and I snapped a Whiskered Tern, a Great Cormorant (with a fishing weight tangled on it, and the ever present Australian Pelican. Next day we went up through the Adelaide Hills to Laratinga Wetlands at Mount Barker. We had lunch on the way at a small park in Nairne. There were lots of pale blue dragonflies here, and an interesting rock with a snake carved onto it. There was also a Coot family with some very late chicks. When we got to Laratinga, it was in great shape with lots of mud for waders and crakes. We saw Black-fronted Plovers, Yellow-billed Spoonbills, Australian White Ibis and this very inquisitive young Superb Fairywren. In a couple of hours here we counted over twenty Spotted Crakes and a single Baillons Crake.


  1. That is a nice batch of birds for Goolwa Tony. I wish you had labelled each bird separately though. It is so much easier to learn about them when you know what you are looking at and a lot of water birds are strangers to this landlubber.

  2. Wonderful birds and fantastic photos. I would have like to see the names with the photo too. What is the young bird with reddish head. It sure is cute. Thanks for sharing, Have a great day.

  3. I was looking at the photos before reading the text and that fat black snake caught my eye as something unusual. Neat to read that it was carved! Looks like you had some good outings with your visitors.