Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short visit to Greenfields Wetlands

This morning I made a quick visit to Greenfields Wetlands to check out any migrants. There were a few Whiskered Terns around, but I didn't manage any decent photos. The rest of the birds there were all pretty common. As usual, Black Swan, Purple Swamphen and Coot were everywhere.
There were also a few Great Egrets there, but as usual they were pretty flighty. I did manage a couple of shots of this one. When I zoomed back a bit it made an interesting shot with the Australian Ibis.
Then a small flock of White-headed Stilts flew in, and just as quickly flew off again. But they had disturbed this Australian Spotted Crake.
As usual, pelicans were flying around, and as usual I couldn't resist firing off a few shots!
Little Grassbirds ans Australian Reed Warblers were singing from every suitable spot, and with patience I managed a few shots of each, though from a distance.
Grebes were in evidence, with plenty of Hoary-headed and Australian Little Grebes feeding busily in the deeper channels.
Finally, this little fellow was happily munching on the verge.


  1. Wonderful series of photos, I love all the birds. The swamphen is one of my favorites along with the Ibis. The grebes are cute and the bunny is adorable. Great photos. Have a wonderful Day.

  2. Outstanding collection Tony,love the Purple Swamphen.
    Stunning Birds.

  3. wonderful shot of the egret, ibis, and swamp hen all together.

  4. Lovely birds, all of them, and then the bunny....way too cute. Have a great week!

  5. Beautiful photos Tony - I love the swan with reflections - Delightful!