Sunday, June 19, 2011

Local birds

This morning I took a short drive around my local area. First stop was a local ornamental lake. Nothing much there apart from the usual "mixed up Mallards" and Muscovy Ducks. I turned back towards the car, and spooked a Great Egret, before trying to stalk a White-faced Heron. Next lake held an Australian Pelican, a pair of Maned Duck and some Purple Swamphen. En-route to the agricultural area, I spotted a couple of Masked Lapwings by the side of the road. These birds are normally very timid, and fly off at the earliest opportunity. I stopped a short distance along the road, and they continued approaching. For the first time I saw the wing spurs which gave them their original name of Spur-winged Plover. The agricultural land was very quiet, but I spotted a female fairywren, so pulled over and was rewarded with this stunning male White-winged Fairywren. Last bird of the morning was a Wedge-tailed Eagle fighting against the wind.


  1. Stunning birds Tony,love the Spur-Winged Plover.

  2. hye.. I came across your blog via google.. Im from Malaysia and will be coming to Adelaide end of this month.. So I was wondering if I could ask you directions to some of the interesting places such as the Cleland wildlife park.. Is there any public transportation to go there from the city ( 12 bank street )? thankx..~ =)

  3. All your birds are beautiful but where,oh where, did you spot that gorgeous fairy wren? I have only ever seen superb blue wrens in the Mt.Lofty ranges and would love to spot one for myself.
    The lapwing was not very afraid of you since his spurs are only partially extended. There must be some magic about you.