Friday, November 19, 2010

Kangaroo Island

This week I was working on Kangaroo Island for two days. I had a little spare time in the evening, and also an hour at Seal Bay before leaving for the airport. The hotel I stayed at had a small courtyard, with a resident kangaroo and wallaby. After dinner I went to Remarkable Rocks. The next morning was drizzly, but I still went out, and almost ran over this couple in the middle of the road. I also found a few interesting flowers, the first two, as yet unidentified, and the third is a bottle brush. I managed a couple of shots of birds, Crescent honeyeaters and White-eyes were common around the hotel, and this Raven was sunning itself at Seal Bay. At the Australian Sealion colony there were plenty of sealions on the beach.


  1. Those roos are such cool looking chaps and the seals are delightful as well~

  2. Stunning images Tony,love the honeyeaters and White- Eyes.
    The Roos look fab.

  3. you have a really good eye for photography.