Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Outback - Part 3

We woke to the sound of rain on the tents and another wet day in store. As I had damaged the gas lamp the previous day, first stop was the camping shop. It was still wet so we headed to the Olive Pink Botanical Garden where we were guaranteed at least one "tick". A Western Bowerbird has set up his bower close to the car park here. We soon found his bower, with his display of white, silver and green items carefully arranged to catch the eye of any passing female. True to form, he soon showed up and noisily scolded us!! This commotion soon set of his neighbours, the Yellow-throated Miner and Port Lincoln Parrot who came to investigate what the noise was about! As you would expect, there are lots of interesting plants in the gardens. After we had wandered around it was soon time for lunch. Whilst we were eating a lively group of Zebra Finches moved within range, foraging along the edge of the path. After lunch we headed east towards Santa Teresa, a well known site for Rufous-crowned Emu-wren, but had to turn back as the unsealed road was too slippery to negotiate even though I have all-wheel drive. So we headed along the East Macdonnell Ranges (on a sealed road) and spotted a group of seven Brown Quail feeding on the side of the road. As the light faded, the skies cleared, hinting at a sunny day to follow.........


  1. Anyone would think you were still in Britain with all that rain Tony!!! (-: That Quail is just gorgeous. Your Bowerbird photos brought back wonderful memories of being at O'Reillys.

  2. It sounds like a very nice trip, Tony. It's wonderful country out there and so few people see it at all. We were lucky in that we missed almost all the rain. Blue skies certainly give the photos a great look :-)