Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adelaide Zoo

Last week Maryann and I decided to take a quick trip to Adelaide Zoo. I have been in Australia 6 years, and Maryann 20, but neither of us had visited Adelaide Zoo before. I am not a great lover of zoos, but they do have their place in conservation, and amongst other programs, Adelaide is involved in the captive breeding programs of the Orange-bellied Parrot, the Sumatran Tiger, and the Giant Panda. Our first stop was the Meercats. Zoos do give excellent opportunities for close up photography! It was then time to go and catch up with the zoos newest and most famous residents Wang Wang and Funi. The Giant Pandas arrived from China on a 10 year loan at the end of last year. This is Wang Wang. The main walk through aviary was closed, but we did see this Rainbow Bee-eater on the way to the Sumatran Tigers. While we were there, the keeper kindly called her name (Kamiri) and she turned nicely for the camera. This wild Great Egret was looking for fish scraps around the Sealion exhibit. Our last stop was the Fairy Penguin pool where we arrived just before feeding time so we saw the penguins both in and out of the water. Next weekend we will also visit the open zoo at Monarto, so expect a post from there soon.


  1. Amazing pictures! I love animals! They are greats! Greetings.

  2. Love those Meerkats Tony. I'm not sure I've ever been to a zoo, perhaps I should try Bristol one day!

  3. Love the shots especially the Meerkats as my daughter sponsors one at the local Newquay Zoo called Scampie.

  4. Thanks Elena, glad you enjoyed your Visit.

    Hi wilma, Yes she is isn't she.

    Hi Jen. Yes, I have mixed feelings about zoos, but I guess they are neccessary if we are to save some of our endangered wildlife.

    Thanks scillybirds. They are characters aren't they.