Monday, May 3, 2010

Red-back Spider

Working in the garden yesterday I came across this large Red-back Spider. This is one of the most common venomous spiders in Australia and is of the same genus as the Black-widow Spider in North America, and like the Black-widow, the female Red-back eats the male after mating. This one had a body about 1cm across. Though many people are bitten each year, many do not require treatment as the spiders mouth parts are small and cannot inject venom through thick skin. There have been no deaths from Redback bites since 1956 when a commercially available anti-venom was introduced.


  1. Beautiful markings on the red-black spider. I've enjoyed your photos.

  2. Hi BTG, Thanks and welcome!!

    Thanks Jim - She was pretty calm, so I macro's her from about 5cm with my compact.