Monday, June 8, 2009

Gulf St. Vincent

Today is the Queen's Birthday public holiday in Australia, so I got to go birding again!! As one of Adelaide's best birdwatching sites, the St. Kilda saltfields, is currently closed to birdwatchers, I decided to go birding around the same local area. I covered the area from St. Kilda to Port Gawler along the coastal plain just North of adelaide on Gulf St Vincent. Most of the area inland of the coast is agricultural land, predominantly cropped for food. Again, there is a lot of water around, and this spreads the birds out. Paradoxically, a roadside pool that I know which usually has water (and therefore birds) in the height of summer was dry!! This section of coast is mainly mangroves though we have none of the mangrove speciality birds seen in other parts of Australia.

Behind the mangroves is an area of tidal Samphire flats that hold another South Australian endemic the rosinae race of Slender-billed Thornbill There were plenty of herons around, with White-faced Heron and Great Egret in equal numbers.

Cormorants were also well represented. This one, with it's vivid green eye, is Little Black cormorant.

The most common parrot today was Red-rumped, a delightful grass parrot. Of course, Magpies were everywhere.

As were Silver gulls.

As I was making my way home from Port Gawler, the road was being swamped by the incoming tide which was moving at a great rate of knots!!


  1. Thank goodness I'm not compelled to pick a favorite photo. I really like them all.

  2. Thanks Steve, I appreciate your feedback