Saturday, May 15, 2021

Truro Air Park Fly-In

 This weekend there is a "fly-in" at Truro Air Park in the Murray Mallee.  I popped up on Saturday on what was a chilly, windy and dusty day.

Over 20 aircraft were there, with a mix of old and new, some gliders and a couple of gyrocopters

Amongst the planes were RV6 VH-VEE, Ercoupe 24-5047, Jabiru 19-3774 and the glider tug PA-25 Pawnee VH-HZY

The gliders, from the university gliding club included Schleicher K13 VH-GQC and K8B VH-GAQ

The gyrocopters were Cavalon G-2050 and Eclipse G-5070

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